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Android Smartphone Language Translator App - Must use

If you search the web for a language translator, you can find innumerable language translators. But if you are an Android user and want the best language translator, I recommend you the Google Translator. As the name suggests it is a product developed by the giant Google. It is a free app available free of cost on Google Play store sizing nearly 3.34 MB.
    You can have translation between nearly 80 languages like Afrikãans, Albenian, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Cebuano, Chineese Simplified, Chineese Traditional, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esparanto, Estonian, Finnish, French, Galician, Georgian, German, Greek, Gujarati, Haitian, Hausa, Hebrew, Hindi, Hmong, Hungarian, Icelandic, Igbo, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Kannada, Khmer, Korean, Lao, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonio, Malay, Maltese, Maori, Marathi, Mangolian, Nepali, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tagolog, Tamil, Telegu, Thai, Turkish, Ukranian, Urdu, Vietnamese, Welsh, Yiddish, Yoruba and Zulu.

Now let's get a close look on its translation techniques:

1) Text Translation:

    Text translation is the simplest thing that you will find in any of the language translators. You just have to type the text in the text area and select the language to which it has to be translated.  

2) Speech Translation:

    Speech translation is the best thing that you will find on this app. Google translator allows you to record audio. It then converts this audio into text. Now this text gets translated into the text of the language of which you want the output. And now it again converts this text into audio and gives this audio as output. Thus, two persons can communicate with each other even if both of them speak different languages.

3) Translation using image:

Image translation seems to be a little odd when heard first time. How can an app translate an image? Actually it is the text that has to be translated within an image. But how can the app recognize the text from the image? For that you have to swipe the area of image where the text lies. Now the app recognizes the text from the image and gets it translated in the given language.

4) Translate using handwriting:

    Suppose you have to translate a language for which keyboard is not available. Then how can you input the text that has to be translated? Google translator has a solution for this type of problem. It gives you a free handwriting pad where you can draw the letters of the text that has to be translated. The app recognizes the letters and gives you the translated text. Thus you can input letters for which no physical or virtual keyboard does not exists.

    These are the four types of translations that you can perform while using Google translator. Now let's discuss about some of its special features:

• Offline language packages:
    Google Translator allows you to download language packages, so that you can perform translation even if you don't have an active data plan available on your phone.

• Product tour:
    Google translator gives you an excellent slide show for understanding how you can perform different types of translations using the Google Translator.

• SMS Translation:
    SMS Translation option lets you to translate all incoming SMS on your phone.

To download this app Click here.
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Telegram Social Messanging App

Telegram is super-fast, simple with secure messaging app. You can create group chat also with up to 200 people together, stay connected with everyone at once. It support to share videos up to 1 GB and also send multiple photos from web. This app supported encryption chats so for those who want privacy of their secret chats.


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Android What is Android ? Top Facts You should Know

Hello friends! Nowadays, we frequently hear words the Android phones, Android Tablets, Android Apps, Android Games, etc, but we rarely know what Android actually is! So today let's discuss about some basic Android concepts and enhance our knowledge.

Android is a Linux based open source operating system especially designed for touchscreen devices like smartphones and tablets. The latest version of Android is kitkat 4.4 released on 31 October 2013. It was developed by Google Open Handset Alliance under the project named Android Open Source Project. The programming languages used to develop Android are C, C++, and Java(UI). The user interface of Android can respond to real world actions like tapping, swiping, pinching and reverse pinching. Android home screen can be customized very easily with shortcuts and widgets. Widgets display live contents like emails and weather directly on the screen. All the above discussed things are just its general features. But now let's discuss the things that makes Android to dominate the world.

1.) The world's most powerful mobile platform:

The success of Android lies with its extremely useful apps and high quality games, especially the free ones, provided by the Google Play store. These apps and games seems to be like the shining stars in the dark sky. And amongst these shining stars, the stars which emits extreme charm are Whats app, True-caller, Photo Funia, Line, and many more. It seems to me a completely better device than a desktop computer running on Windows. Above all, the thing which makes it the best one, is its ability to respond to touch screen actions. It makes the user feel that objects in an Android device are the real world objects to which they can touch.

2.) Strong development framework:

Using a single application model you can deploy your apps to innumerable number of users on a wide range of devices like phones, tablets, etc. It allows you to create user interfaces which automatically gets adapted according to internal hardware of a particular device and thus giving you the best results for that device.

3.) Open source: v/s Closed source:

The biggest rival Google's open source Android is Apple's closed source iOS. The closed source OS provides very limited access to users for customizing various apps. For example, if you want to change your default browser from Safari to Opera, then you don't have the authority to do that in a closed source OS. For deciding which one is better for you, you should ask a question to yourself: Would you like a device that's easy to use, but doesn't give you any freedom(iOS), or a device that could easily be customized, but might be very complicated(Android)?

4.) Influencing the wearable technology:

The journey of Android is not just limited to mobile devices and tablets. Its bright future lies in the development of wearable technologies. One of the best example of Android wearable device is Google Glass. Google is also working hard in Google video game system and smart watch having Android in its base.

    The info I have shared with you are just a glimpse Android. I will constantly be working hard to give you the latest and the best tips and tricks on Android. So keep visiting to Infenia for becoming a master in Android technology. Thanks.
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Android Smartphones Setting Tips - Smart Android Experiance

Hello Friends! Welcome again to the world of Android. Within past few years Android's popularity has been boosted and is currently dominating the smartphone market globally. Today I would like to share some simple things that would really be very useful to you. These tips are simple but smart enough to make your Android experience a lot better.

1) Disable Animation

By disabling the animation options you can have your phone speed a little faster as it frees up some of the cache memory. To disable the animation options follow the steps below:

->Go to Settings or About device and select Developer Options. If you do not see the Developer Options under Settings or About device then go to Build number and tap on it repeatedly until you see "You are now a developer!". This enables you to see Developer options.

-> Now under Developer options you need to locate the options Window animation scale, Transition animation scale , and Animator duration scale . Now select each one of them and disable(off) them one by one.

2) Create folders on the Home Screen

Whenever you install a new app or game, an icon gets created on the home screen. Your home screen gets filled up with shortcuts. To select an app or game you have to swipe the screen several times and search the whole screen several times. But if you create folders on the home screen, you can put similar apps or games in the same folder and can easily find them by locating the folder. To create a folder long press a shortcut and drag it onto another shortcut. A circle would appear on the apps indicating that a folder has been created. When you touch the folder, a mini window is displayed with the shortcuts that you added. You can now edit the folder name by touching the text that is displayed on the bottom of the mini window.

 3) Change default apps

    Whenever you open any file, the phone first searches for the apps that can be used to open the file. For example, if you have more than one browsers installed on your phone, the phone gives you a list of browsers when you request for a web page. When you select one of them two button on the bottom of the window - Always and Just Once - gets enabled. Now if you select Always, the app becomes the default browser.

Now if you want to change this default app,
  • 1. Go to Settings-> Apps
  • 2. Swipe right until you locate the All tab.
  • 3. Select the app that you wanted to be removed as default.
  • 4. Touch the button Clear Defaults.

4) Check for Android System Update

    If you want to check for Android System Update,
  • 1. Go to Settings-> About Phone/Tablet.
  • 2. Touch on System/Software Updates.
  • 3. Select OK if it asks the confirmation for checking updates.

5) Run Multiple Google Accounts

To run more than one Google account on your Android device,
  • 1. Go to Settings > Add account.
  • 2. Select Google and select New or Existing .
  • 3. Once added, choose what you want to sync(Synchronize) with the account.

6) How to switch between opened apps

    In windows, if you want to minimize an opened app and switch to another app, you either use the minimize button or press the Alter + TAB key. But Android has a different procedure. If you want to minimize the app you need to tap Home Screen button. The Home screen appears. Now if you want to see the minimized apps, you need to long press the Home Screen button. The complete list of minimized apps with its icons appears. Tap on the icon of the app that you want to maximize and display on the screen. In short, Long Press on the Home Screen button allows you to switch between opened apps and the minimized apps.

7) Trick for Special Characters:

    Sometimes when you are writing a text content, you may also need numbers and special characters. So you have to switch the keypad several times. But actually you can also type numbers and special characters without switching the keypad.When switched to alphabet keyboard
  • • If you touch and hold the (.) full stop key, you can see a mini window popped up with special characters. Now slide to the special character you want without releasing the touch screen.
  • • Similarly for the other special symbols and numbers touch and hold the alphabets.(see screenshot.

Similarly, on the Number keyboard and Special symbol keyboard you can touch and hold to see different variations.

8) Place a web page icon on the Home Screen

You can place the icons for the web pages that you visits frequently on the Home Screen.
• Open your Android Browser
• Open the web page that you want to set as icon on the Home Screen.
• Add the web page to the bookmark list.
• Long press the bookmarked icon and select Add shortcut to home from the option list

 9) Backup and Restore your data:

    Android allows you to backup your application data, WiFi passwords, browser bookmarks and other settings to Google Servers.
  • Go to Settings -> Privacy
  • Tick Backup my data and Automatic restore check-boxes.
Now if you want to Reset your device or Reinstall an app, you can use the backup from your Google account.

10) Taking a Screenshot:

    Just like Windows has the ability to capture screenshot with the Print Screen button, Android also can capture its display. In some devices you need to press Volume Down key and Power key while for others you need to press the Home Screen button and Power key. It depends on the manufacturer model.

Hope this tips be very very useful for you. Bye!
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Google Adsense Approval 2014 - Facts Behind Approval

When i started Blogging, my main goal is to approve Google adsense and making some decent money through blogging .Now a Days, Google Adsense is one of the most popular part of blogging. Hah! This things is truly for me. All the newbie blogger and webmaster who have their own blog or create new one with comes behind the main goal is to approve their blog with  google adsense and making some decent money. But this thing does not working with everyone as myself also.

Google adsense is worlds largest advertise network. And it's dream of every blogger or website owner to get his/her adsense account. But there are lots of Google's strict policy that you must have to follow regarding your blog and website before you apply for the approval. Now a days, Google stricts to approval of blog just because of like me, there are lots of people who started blogging with copy/paste and posting low quality copyright content to their site.That's why Google became more strict to approving adsense account.

So if are facing that kind of problems like Google not approving adsense application for my blog ? My blog being continuously disapproving by Google Adsense ? then just keep calm and read this article. This will damn sure to help you to get your own adsense account.There are lots of way to approve google adsense account like Youtube Monetization Technique, Buy Adsense Account through resellers and through Hubpages but all this things does not work with all of us. You need to know about that. 

1) Youtube Monetization Technique:

Very first point if you are video addicted person and want to make some money then this is for you or if you are not or you need to use advertise to your blog then you need to do is to create youtube channel and upload 4-5 unique videos, don't upload copyright or already uploaded videos this will affect you by adsense or google banned if you do this. You just need to upload 4-5 unique videos and doing some setting related to video monetization technique.

2) Buy Adsense Account From Re-Sellers:

Last couple of days, one my new Facebook friend with the moment of chatting he said me 'Hey Gaurav, You Want Adsense Account ?. suddenly on my mind, i asked him How you have to provide me adsense account. Then he said I gave adsense account based on 10$, You just have to  give me 10$ and i gave you one newly created adsense account. And without any hesitation i said no. Because i know this all is just of fake..Because already one of my friend move through this process and he failed because they gave you account based on some fake approval and then on 2-3 days adsense account close. so if any of your friend asking you to get adsense account then please don't do this. This all are the fake methods.

I know getting rejection from google adsense is frustration period for us. Many of us or newbie blogger who get rejection from give up try and few of quite blogging also same with me too. I already 4-5 try for my infinea but they reject with different different reply and reply like 'You have insufficient content', 'Your address verification does not match', Copyright content on your blog' but i don't give up i just another try and this time i got approval .In this face of blogging you need to keep calm and give some times for your blog. 

Actually there are lots of requirement to get adsense approval. Google strick now a days,  You have to follows their policy if you want to get adsense account. So in today's article i share some of points that , you must have to follow. so i recommended you to read full article with open mind and full concentration.If you are newbie blogger and want  to get adsense account then just follow this steps geneun. I am 100% damn sure you got adsense account within a 5-6 month. So Let's start...

Points to be Noted Before Applying for Google Adsense

1) To Buy Top Level Domain:

Those days are gone, when people get approved their blog with subdomain or with blogspot blog domain.Still google also approved subdomain blog but only if your blog should have nice and clean navigation design, unique high level contents, Good traffic and all other things.

If you have to get adsense approval you need to have buy top level domain, I mean top level domain is like

Free Domain -- infenia.blogspot.in
Top level Domain -- infenia.com

I think now you know the difference between top level and free site domain. To get Top level domain there are lots of websites available with purchasing domain like GoDaddy, BigRock and many others.

2) Good Design Template/Theme and Easy Navigation Layout:

Another very important point you should have to follow is to use Good design template wheather using crack or copyright templates. Likewise Infenia's Template. In blogging if your content is good and catchy word but your theme or template does not look proper then you know that no one can read your aticle. Do proper navigation to your template, your menus with labels and do proper header tag so visitor should know that.

3) Domain Age :

Google adsense's policy especially for asian countries like India, Pakistan and China is that your blog should have 6 month old or your domain has 6 month old. But this is not fixed period if your blog have well optimized, well and unique contents and you getting sufficient traffic, then you can also get adsense account before that period of time. Even also i have my own experience with my Infenia Blog. 

4) No. of Post/Content on your blog:

You should have at least 35-40 unique and high quality article on your blog. Unique and High Quality means your content should now be copyright material and don't copy from others and paste on your blog. This is the most important part of your blogging, You have to publish fresh and unique content. Quality contents matter lot, not quantity contents. Quality content means which are well developer and researched and then publish.

Remember 'Content is the king'. You must publish unique and fresh content, Do noticed quantity not matter lot but Quality always matters.

5) Traffic:

Another noticed point is Traffic. Traffic is essential part of blogging. You must have at least 100-200 daily visit on your blog. You can easily get this traffic from many of social sites and but also you have to get traffic from Search Engines too. So try to do share your content on social sites and use proper keyword on your content to get search engine traffic also. submit your blog/site to many of search engine so you can get easily search traffic to your blog.

6) Necessary Pages on Your Blog:

There are some important pages you have to add on your blog if you want to get approval. This pages also get better user experience with your blog readers too. Google always focus on better user experience. Most of our blogger/newbie blogger friend don't create or add this page on their blog. Having this pages create a good impression to your blog reader. So try to add this 4 important page on your blog.

--> About Me:-  when someone comes to your blog and read your article, then he/she always search who is the author of this blog. most of visitor always check about page when they last leave from your blog. So in about me page you need to write about your blog and also about yours too.

--> Contact Us:- Another most important page of your blog is Contact Page. If someone want to contact you then how they ? Just because simply add contact us page in your blog/site. This one will help you in future when your blog is branding and someone want to add their advertise on your blog.

--> Privacy policy:-  According to Google adsense policy, You must have to provide privacy policy page that contains information about cookies and user's session data or specific/location information stored on.

--> Sitemap:- Sitemap page display your all content details like how many post on your blog, in which post on which label or specific post on which category.So you must have to add this after applying adsense for your blog.

Final Words

While follow the above step you just need to be calm and do fresh posting to your blog so that your visitor can get something new.Once your blog compatible with the above policy's, then apply for the Google adsense. i damn sure you can easily get adsense account. And let me know via comment and Contact us form if this above point is useful for you.
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All Tech Buzz Responsive Blogger Template 2014 - New Modified Template

Today i am sharing with you a cool Blogger Template..If you all are interested in reading a Technology related article and cool tips/tricks, then you might have to visited Alltechbuzz Blog..Mainly this blog share Technology related tips and tricks owned by Imran Uddin, one of the Professional Blogger and SEO Expert.

Imran design's an awesome responsive blogger template for his blog with cool seo tricks and great image alter text function with many other advance things. Lots of blogger and web masters liked and appreciated his new design because of its great features. If you are looking to download and use ATB Template with some extra modification then this article will helpful to you because of i am going to share this amazing user friend design blogger template. Unfortunately Imran's 'AllTechbuzz' Blogger blog deleted by Google, and then imran shifted to WordPress. So they released this Most Advanced Responsive Blogger Template on his wordpress blog..And for me i download and use on my blogger blog with some of modification on that..So friends today i also launching this cool Responsive Blogger Templates with you guys. I was done some of cool changes on this template, you like when u see this template.

ATB Responsive Blogger Template

1) Full Responsive Template

This template is completely responsive and automatically adjust to all devices like pc, tables and smartphones. So no matter which screen resolution is to be.

2) SEO Friedly

The main and best things of this template is to designed with some of seo twicks according to search engine needs, so you don't worry about on page-optimization.

3) Two Column

This template is specially design for technology, blogging and niche based blogging with two column. One is Post section and on right sidebar you add anything. This template also two column header one is for logo and the name of blogger blog and another section is for 769*90 ads space. So you can easily optimize Google adsense ads on your blog.

4) Sticky Post

Another interesting feature on this blog is you can add sticky post in this blog. This sticky post will appear after first post on your home page.

5) Four Column Responsive Footer

One another best thing on this template is a footer, with four column so you can add anything as u want.

6) Auto Alt Tag Generator Script For Images

Occasionally if we want to get our blog's image on Google search, we need to add proper alt tag and title tag for each and every images. But imran added 

integrated script which will automatically adds title and alt tag to images. 

7) Related Post Widget:

Another and most needed feature related post that plays vital role to boosting your page-view traffic and decreasing bounce rate. It already added to this template.

New Features: Author Image with Post Title

Yes i added one of the great things is to display your blog's title with Author Image. Perfect Date-Layout and, Author Image, Post Labels and many other things i put properly on this Template. You can add any number of authors as u want to your blog and display their respective images with their post. I damn sure you loved it. I know many of you like to display your image with post title like Shoutmeloud No.1 Indian Blog. As i describe above, here is the step to customize this blogger template properly..

                                          DEMO                DOWNLOAD

Customization - Guide :--

If you have basic knowledge of Html, Css , XML then you can easily edit or modify template what i said below. You just to need follow my guide step by step:.

1) To Change Header Menu :--

Go to Blogger Blog - > Template - Edit Html
Find this below code just simple search this 'nav-menu'...I think after 3rd step you need to stop and change your menu with my menu. The Code was look like in below image

2) Find Author Bio after completion of Post :--

Find below code


3) Editing Footer Menu :--

Now search below code for footer menu..


You will get footer menus with respective links just change with your links..

4) Author Image on Post Title :--

Now this task is simply easy but also complicated.. You have to find this below code and change with your G+ name and Your Respective Image path.

After you just have to change your name with my name and my image with your image path...Done..

If you have any problem regarding 4th step and any other then u just Contact me or Comment below..I will reply you as soon as possible.
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